Canada Introduces New Programs for Caregivers

Canada Introduces New Programs for Caregivers

Canada is making it easier for caregivers to come and work in the country! The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has some exciting news: they’re introducing new programs specifically for caregivers. Here’s what you need to know:

First off, these new pilot programs will offer caregivers permanent residence status as soon as they arrive in Canada. This means they won’t have to work in Canada for a certain amount of time before applying for permanent residence like they used to.

Another cool thing about these new programs is that caregivers will now be allowed to work for organisations that provide temporary or part-time care for people who are semi-independent or recovering from an injury or illness. This wasn’t allowed before, so it’s a big change!

To qualify for these programs, caregivers will need to meet a few requirements. They’ll need to have a minimum level of English or French language skills (a level 4 instead of the previous level 5 requirement). They’ll also need to have a high school diploma (instead of needing a post-secondary credential), recent work experience, and a job offer for a full-time home care job.

Now, we don’t know exactly when these new programs will start, but the government will give us more details about who can apply and how to apply before they launch.

This announcement comes as the existing programs for home childcare providers and home support workers are ending on June 17, 2024. But don’t worry, the government is working on making these new caregiver pilot programs a permanent thing, so more caregivers can come and work in Canada in the future!

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