Poland Increased Hourly Minimum Wage

Poland Increased Hourly Minimum Wage

Poland’s government has announced that the hourly minimum wage will be increased by 7.5%. The decision to significantly raise the minimum wage this year has been made as a result of inflation brought on by the war that has been raging for almost a year and Russia’s attack on Ukraine.


The government’s social dialogue council, which consists of representatives from the government, employers, and unions, made the decision. The council reached a consensus on the increase after several months of negotiations.


Beginning from this month January 2023, Poland’s minimum salary will rise to PLN 3,490. This is an increase of 480 PLN from the previous year. The hourly minimum wage is PLN 22.80. Also, according to Marlena Malg, the minister of family and social policy the next raise in the minimum wage will take effect on July 1 of this year and be worth PLN 3,600.


This choice is a result of the government’s attempts to minimize poverty and raise the living standards of Poland’s working class. All employees, including those in the ag and forestry industries, will be subject to the new rate. It is anticipated that this decision will help almost 1.5 million jobs nationwide.


The objective is to implement measures that would greatly enhance the plight of the working class. The workforce should be paid a fair wage and it is a priority.


Employers’ views on the raise have been divided. While some have praised the measure as a positive step, others have expressed concerns about how it may affect firms and job growth.


Overall, the increase in Poland’s hourly minimum wage is viewed as a move in the right direction toward raising the standard of life for its workforce and fostering economic expansion. The government will keep an eye on the issue going forward and make changes as needed.

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