Steps To Apply For a Senior or Specialist Work Visa in the UK

The visa for a senior or specialist worker is known as Global Business Mobility (GBM). The purpose of this visa is for senior or specialist employees to relocate to a UK subsidiary or branch of their overseas employer. The aim is to enable foreign organizations or companies set up a UK presence for their company.

Senior or Specialist Work Visa Requirements

The UK government has stipulated a number of requirements that you must fulfill before you can apply for the senior or specialist work visa and they are;

  • You must be 18 years of age or above
  • You possess a skill
  • Undertake a tuberculosis test and present the test certificate if you are a listed country
  • You must have proof of funds of at least 1,270, or your sponsor will certify that your accommodation and maintenance will be taken care of up to the first month of your employment

Steps to Apply for the Senior or Specialist Work Visa

  1. The first step is for you to complete an online application using your CoS reference number which must not have been issued more than 3 months prior to the date of your application
  2. You are to then pay the requisite fee and submit the necessary documents like your international passport, photograph, tuberculosis test certificate, and others
  3. You will also be prompted to provide proof of the following;
  • A legal CoS from a licensed UK company
  • Your job title, yearly salary, and occupation code
  • Proof that you have worked for your employer overseas
  • Implication of Acquiring the Senior or Specialist Work Visa

If you successfully get the senior or specialist work visa, you become legible to work in the UK for the job which you have been sponsored for. You will also be allowed to under some conditions to undertake another voluntary job. Having this Visa also entitles your dependent family members to apply and come to the UK through this means but does not lead to settlement.


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