Romania Introduces EU Blue Card Regulations Alongside Other Reforms

Romania has introduced new legislation aimed at easing its EU Blue Card system, aligning it with the revised EU Blue Card Directive. Alongside these modifications, other adjustments have been made, including the extension of permit validity periods and the facilitation of access to specific work permits. Here are the key changes related to the EU Blue Card:

  1. Extended Validity Period: EU Blue Card permits can now be issued for up to three years, providing greater stability and security for skilled workers seeking employment in Romania.
  2. Professional Experience Eligibility: Certain applicants for the EU Blue Card may now qualify based solely on their professional experience, offering an alternative pathway for skilled individuals to obtain the necessary permits.
  1. Relaxed Family Reunification and Business Activity Rules: The criteria for family reunification and business activity have been relaxed, making it easier for eligible individuals to bring their families to Romania and engage in entrepreneurial pursuits.
  2. Flexible Employment Contract Requirements: Requirements regarding the duration of employment contracts have been relaxed, allowing for greater flexibility in hiring practices and facilitating smoother transitions for both employers and employees.

These amendments, which streamline both EU Blue Card and non-EU Blue Card immigration routes, are expected to enhance Romania’s appeal to highly skilled foreign professionals while also alleviating challenges for employers in talent management. With these changes, Romania is poised to become an even more attractive destination for skilled workers seeking new opportunities.

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