Canada Family Members of Temporary Workers Will Be Eligible For Work Permits

The Canadian government has declared that during a two-year period beginning in January 2023, spouses, common-law partners, and working-age dependents of temporary foreign workers of all skill levels will also be eligible for work permits. Regarding immigration levels, the government has raised its goals. By year 2025, 500,000 new permanent citizens would have been expected to be welcomed into the country.

Currently, if the primary applicant holds a job the government deems highly skilled, the spouse/dependents will be qualified for a work permit.


More than 200,000 workers who have relatives living in Canada or who will be moving to Canada will be able to stay with them while working to support themselves. To enable those who are not in the highest-skilled professions to continue to come and be with their families, this new policy adjustment will be implemented in three stages;


  • Stage 1


This includes applicants who enter the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program which is expected to allow up to 93,000 individuals to remain and carry on working in Canada after receiving their education, International Mobility Program, or Temporary Foreign Worker Program through high-wage streams.


  • Stage 2


This will work to increase access to the same regulations for those who enter Canada through lower-wage channels, so that the ones already working here and contributing to the country’s economy don’t have to make the difficult choice to be separated from their spouse or dependents.


  • Stage 3


This will Include the families of agricultural workers and the government is working hard with the stakeholders to to develop a policy that will be effective over the long term.


This policy reform will have a huge influence on the Canadian economy by enabling a few hundred thousand employees to enter and fill labor force shortfalls. This works by the government acknowledging that a person who migrated and is contributing to the economy deserves to stay with their loved ones while they do so.

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