UK Spouse/Family Visas Types:

Spouse Visa: If you are a national of a country other than the UK, and your spouse is a British citizen or a UK settled Person, you might wish to spend time with them in the UK. Our spouse visa at e-lhr can help you obtain the visa enabling you to accompany your spouse in the UK for more than six months.

UK immigration law can be extremely complicated and challenging to navigate. Prospective applicants for the spouse visa for the UK are therefore likely to appreciate the knowledge and experience of our central London lawyers, who will be able to assist them in their efforts to secure this visa on the first attempt.

Our team at e-lhr has helped a wide range of non-UK national spouses to join their UK partner. We can offer various spouse visa packages and can handle even the most demanding and specialised cases.

You will stand a much better chance of being successful with your UK spouse visa application if you receive professional help. Our lawyers can hold your hand through every stage of the application process for this visa, answering all your questions and handling your case with the utmost care, dignity and integrity.

For further inquiries, book your consultation with our immigration specialists to discuss how we can help you secure the best possible outcome.

Uk Spouse Visa Extention: Holders of the UK spouse Visa are able to stay in the UK with their partner for an initial two years and nine months, or 33 months. If you are in the UK on this visa and the expiry date for your period of leave is approaching, you will need to seek an extension to this visa in order to remain in the country with your spouse.

Here at e-lhr.com, we provide an all-encompassing service for those who are looking to extend a UK spouse visa.

Our friendly, experienced, and capable Immigration consultant can manage your application for a UK spouse visa extension from start to finish of the process, to maximise your chances of securing a positive decision from the UK.

Uk Family Visa: The process of seeking to obtain a family visa or family visitor visa for the UK can be confusing and overwhelming. This broad category of visa is the one for which you will need to apply if you intend to live with a UK-based family member for over six months.

Different requirements apply, depending on whether you are seeking this visa as a partner, spouse, parent, child, an adult coming to be cared for by a relative, or on the basis of your private life. Here at e-lhr.com, we provide an all-encompassing service for those who are looking to move to the Uk with their family.

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