Changes to the UK Immigration Visa Fees

Changes to the UK Immigration Visa Fees

The UK Home Office has announced revised fees for various immigration and nationality applications, starting from October 4, 2023. Here’s a brief summary of the key changes:


Visa Types Application made outside the UK Applications made in the UK
Spouse / Civil Partner / Unmarried Partner / Fiance / Parent / Child £1,538 £1,048
Adult Dependent £3,250 £1,048
Student £363 £490
Graduate £715
Visitor £100 £100
Visitor in Transit £64 £64
Ancestry £531 £531
British National (Overseas) £180 £180
Skilled Worker (up to 3 years) £625 £719
Skilled Worker (more than 3 years) £1,235 £1,423
Health and Care Worker (up to 3 years) £247 £247
Health and Care Worker (more than 3 years) £479 £479
Temporary Work (Seasonal Worker, Government Authorised Exchange, Creative Worker, Religious Worker, Charity Worker, International Agreement) £259 £259
Overseas Domestic Worker £531 £531
Senior or Specialist Worker (up to 3 years) £625 £719
Senior or Specialist Worker (more than 3 years) £1,235 £1,423
Global Business Mobility (Graduate Trainee, Secondment Worker, Service Supplier, Expansion Worker £259 £259
International Sportsperson (up to 12 months) £259 £259
International Sportsperson (more than 12 months) £625 £719
Minister of Religion £625 £719
Representative of an Overseas Business £625 £719
Scale-up £715 £715
Innovator £1,036 £1,292
Start-Up £378 £508
Global Talent £623 £623
Indefinite leave to remain £2,404


The immigration healthcare surcharge (IHS) is a fee that some individuals may need to pay as part of their immigration application process. This fee is designed to cover the costs associated with accessing the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

The UK’s immigration health surcharge has experienced a substantial increase of 66%, soaring from £624 annually to £1,035 (£470 to £776 for students and under-18s).

For example, a three-year Skilled Worker visa UK  in a shortage occupation previously incurred approximately £2,350 in application fees and surcharge. Following both fee hikes, the total cost will reach £3,650, excluding the employer levy and sponsorship certificate fees. Settlement fees are also on the rise, climbing from around £2,400 to £2,900.

Over the past two decades, fees for visas, permissions to stay, and citizenship in the United Kingdom have witnessed significant growth. Previously, a student visa cost a mere £33, and the UK did not levy charges for visa extensions, work permits, or settlements until 2003. Initial citizenship and visa fees were once quite affordable, but they now stand at £2,400 for applications to stay in the UK permanently.

Also, to the primary application fees, individuals are required to pay an annual immigration health premium of £624 for visas and extensions. Furthermore, work permits incur an employer charge of up to £1,000 annually. For instance, a five-year employment visa used to cost approximately £7,000, while a two-and-a-half-year partner visa had a price tag of £3,400.

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