Introduction of a New Private Teacher Work Permit in the UAE

Introduction of a New Private Teacher Work Permit in the UAE

On December 28, 2023, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) and the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates introduced a novel initiative with the launch of the “Private Teacher Work Permit.” This permit is designed to facilitate teachers in delivering private educational lessons to students, while concurrently regulating their employment rights.

Under this new permit, teachers are empowered to conduct educational sessions for both individual students and groups, either online or in person. Furthermore, holders of this permit have the flexibility to work remotely from their home country, provided they possess a valid residence permit in the United Arab Emirates. The eligibility criteria for this permit encompass a diverse range of individuals, including registered teachers in public or private schools, employees in both public and private sectors, unemployed individuals, and students aged at least 15 or currently attending school or university.

The UAE work permit boasts a validity period of two years, and notably, there is no application fee associated with it. Prospective applicants can submit their requests conveniently through the MOHRE smart application or portal. It’s worth noting that prior to this development, engaging in private teaching outside of an institutional setting was prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, and violators faced potential fines.

This groundbreaking initiative not only opens up new avenues for educators but also signifies a significant shift in the regulations surrounding private teaching in the country.

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