New Temporary Medical Practice Permit Introduced

New Temporary Medical Practice Permit

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has introduced a novel initiative in the form of a three-month permit, named the ‘permit to practice,’ designed for visiting medical professionals seeking to practice in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This non-renewable permit enables temporary medical practice, albeit with certain limitations and under supervision within licensed health facilities.

Interested individuals cannot directly apply for this permit; rather, local healthcare facilities must initiate the application process on their behalf. The application procedure is facilitated through the Sheryan portal, accessible on the DHA portal, utilizing the account of the relevant facility’s medical director.

It is essential to note that obtaining the ‘permit to practice’ does not automatically guarantee the subsequent granting of a full professional license for ongoing medical practice. The process for obtaining such a license is distinct and contingent upon fulfilling the requirements outlined in the Unified Professional Qualification Guide.

Furthermore, individuals interested in availing themselves of this opportunity must secure a separate entry visa to enter the UAE. The ‘permit to practice’ solely pertains to an individual’s right to practice medicine within the specified timeframe.

This program is strategically crafted to address local labour shortages in the healthcare sector by attracting foreign medical professionals. Furthermore, it offers these individuals the chance to acquaint themselves with local health facilities and regulations before committing to the pursuit of a permanent professional license, thereby fostering a more informed and seamless integration into the UAE healthcare landscape.

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