A Romania work visa, also known as a Romanian Employment Visa (D/AM), is issued to foreign nationals who will travel to Romania to take up paid employment in a Romanian company. To get a Romania work visa, you must have a work permit from the Romanian Inspectorate General for Immigration.


After you receive a work permit, you may apply for a Romania work visa from your country.

Every foreign national who wants to stay in Romania for longer than 90 days has to apply for a Romania long-stay visa, except EU/EEA and Swiss nationals. This also includes foreign nationals from countries exempt from holding short-stay visas.

Romania work visa eligibility

To be eligible for a Romania work visa, you must fall under one of the following categories:

  • You will conduct educational, scientific, or any other type of specialized work in an accredited Romanian institution
  • You are a highly-skilled worker
  • You will work as part of a bilateral agreement
  • You will work on the basis of the order of the minister of national education
  • The work you will do is artistic in nature and done on the basis of the order of the minister of culture
  • You have access to the Romania labour market due to a treaty between Romania and your country
  • You will work on behalf of a ministry or other organization of the central public or local administration.
  • You will work as the head of a subsidiary office or the Romanian branch office of a company that’s headquartered abroad.
Romania work visa requirements

To apply for a Romania work visa, you must have the following:

  • Work Authorization
  • Documents regarding the nature of your employment.
  • Certificate of police clearance issued from your country of residence.
  • Travel medical insurance for the duration that your visa is issued.
  • Proof of accommodation in Romania
  • Proof of sufficient financial means, ensuring you will receive at least the minimum gross salary for the duration of your work visa.
  • A Romania visa application form
  • Two recent pictures
  • A valid passport or travel document, which:
    • Is recognized by Romania
    • Is valid for at least another three months after your visa expire
    • Flight ticket.
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