United Kingdom Implements Stricter Immigration Policies with Raised Salary Requirements and Restrictions

In addition to several other updates, the latest Statement of Changes will bring about significant adjustments to the UK immigration system:

  1. Increase in Minimum General Salary Threshold: Effective April 4, 2024, the minimum general salary threshold and ‘going rates’ for the Skilled Worker Route will increase. This change aims to ensure that individuals entering the UK under this route are compensated fairly and in line with current economic standards.
  2. Abolition of Shortage Occupation List: As of April 4, 2024, the Shortage Occupation List will be abolished and replaced with the Immigration Salary List. This transition seeks to streamline the process of identifying occupations facing labour shortages and aligning them with appropriate salary thresholds.
  3. Expansion of Sponsored Worker Responsibilities: Commencing April 4, 2024, sponsored workers will have a broader scope of work outside their sponsored employment. This adjustment aims to provide flexibility for sponsored workers while ensuring they comply with immigration regulations.
  4. Increase in Family Route Minimum Salary Requirements: Effective April 11, 2024, there will be an increase in the minimum salary requirements for the Family Route. This alteration is designed to uphold financial stability and security for families immigrating to the UK.

These changes are part of the UK government’s broader strategy to manage immigration flows and reduce net migration to the country. By implementing these measures, policymakers aim to balance addressing labour needs and safeguarding domestic employment opportunities.

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