Poland Work Visa Getting a Poland Work Visa

Poland Work Visa Getting a Poland Work Visa

Poland is one of the countries situated in central Europe, with its capital Warszawa (Warsaw). Interestingly, its native language is Polish and they also speak English. The currency is the Zloty (PLN).

Poland work authorization is a requirement to be eligible for a D-type visa and to live there. Visas and work permits are not the same things.

A work permit is a legal document that enables an outsider to work legally in Poland and is the basis for obtaining a national visa (long-stay visa) for one year. The Company that issues employment to a foreigner must state the position or type of work that the foreigner is to execute, and it is specified in the permission, along with the name of the organization that has been entrusted with carrying it out. Therefore, the foreign worker must complete the tasks listed in the permit for the employment to be considered legal. This implies that the foreign worker must apply for a new permit if he wants to change jobs (i.e., employer, position, industry, etc.). Each work permit must list the name of the organization responsible for issuing it. Additionally, the work permit contains a distinctive number that makes it simple for you to confirm the validity of the granted document.

A work permit does not ensure a visa. Only Polish government agencies with the necessary authority may issue work permits. This recognized government entity responsible for issuing work permits is known as a voivodeship. Based on an application submitted by a business in need of a foreign employee, the Voivodeship issues a work permit (employee).


Dependent on the type and mode of work, we have different types of work visa.

Other means by which foreign nationals can receive a work permit in Poland are:

  • Visas, with the exception of tourist visas, are only given when necessary, including when an application for asylum is being processed or has already been filed when a person needs to visit the country for humanitarian reasons, to fulfill obligations under an international agreement, or when it is in the best interests of the Polish government.
  • Schengen is issued by a member state of the region.
  • Having a valid residency permit (with the exception of cases described in the following section).
  • The ability to enter without a visa, suggests the prospect of employment under a treaty between states.


Physical submission of the visa application is required. Application materials delivered by fax, normal mail, or email are not accepted by foreign embassies. In order to apply for a work visa kindly visit the Poland embassy Abuja.

Kindly note that visa fees are non−refundable.


The documents required for the work visa processing is stated below.

  1. A scan of a valid passport.
  2. Digitally signed high school diploma (if any)
  3. A detailed bio or CV that includes a current address.
  4. Name of the father or mother or birth certificate.


The duration of visa processing may take up to 2weeks after application and may be extended in exceptional cases. Collection date with be stated on the pay slip given to the applicant after consideration.


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